Making a vehicle purchase this year or next has been on your mind lately? The best shoppers don’t just buy on impulse. Consider the next steps to ensure you get a good quality affordable car you’ll enjoy driving for a long time.


What is your budget? You should have one because you have to be able to afford the car to be able to buy it especially if you have had your eyes. While you may have your heart set on a specific car, you won’t be able to take it home unless you can afford it. While doing this, don’t forget to factor in ALL other vehicle costs (e.g fuel, accessories and car insurance)

OPTIONS: New, Certified, Pre-owned, Used or Old?

From most expensive to cheap? Not necessarily. Buying used gets you the most for your car although costs a higher interest rate, shorter warranty period probably. A new car with same cost would have fewer features but a full warranty and lower interest rates plus often free maintenance and roadside assistance. Other go for certified pre-owned vehicles as an ideal compromise because they are cheaper than new cars but they usually have some warranty left.


Never assume dealer financing is the best deal till you have done your research.


Call the dealerships and make appointments for test drives. Take your time with the test drive to make sure you love the car. Sit, look around, experiment with the controls, check out the feel of the car, check if passengers would be comfortable and your regular loads would fit well.


You have reached an agreement to buy? Be ready to say “no” to any extras or unnecessary dealer fees you may be offered. Do your research at home for whatever add-ons you are interested then contact the dealership later to negotiate prices for the items. Go over all of the contract details carefully to make sure you aren’t paying any unnecessary fees and everything you negotiated verbally is in writing.

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