SHIPPING YOU CARIt takes time, you have to wait

Shipping cars in the U.S usually takes four weeks from pickup to delivery ulike shipping a package – this doesn’t happen overnight. International deliveries take a longer time roughly six to eight weeks. Be patient.

Covered Car Carrier or Uncovered?

Of course the uncovered option would be less costly but leaves your car susceptible to dirt or any debris that may come in the trucks path. While using an enclosed carrier gives you better protection, it can cost about 50 percent more.

Scheduled Pickup?

Most shipping companies will usually contact you when they have an open slot on a truck that’s heading towards your specified destination. Scheduling an exact date for pick-up will cost extra.

Door to Door or Terminal to Terminal Delivery?

The Door-to-door service is undoubtedly the most convenient method of shipping a vehicle but if you’re looking to keep costs low, enquire if the shipping company provides terminal-to-terminal service where the sender drops off the car at a predetermined terminal and you can pick it up at the terminal in your specified city.

Do Your Research

Dozens of vehicle shipping companies are available out there still; it can be difficult to locate the good ones. Hence, we recommend making a thorough research before making your choice. You can make use of uShip – a shipping-company aggregator that eBay makes available for its vehicle sales or call The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrations’ hotline to confirm the shipper’s license and insurance record as well as any complaints made about the company. Talk to about three shippers and decide which one gives you the best vibe and competitive price.

Also, note other variables that may affect the cost of shipping including

Destination: Most carriers cover transport between major cities so it will cost less unlike smaller cities or towns.
Size of the Vehicle: The bigger the car, the more space it takes; the heavier the car, the more the cargo weight thus the more expensive to ship.
Season: Few cars are transported during winter so you can get cheaper rates then.

Check the Vehicle for any Damage

Shipping companies usually do a thorough check of the vehicle for any dent or scratches and make note of them before loading onto the truck. In case something happens to the car, this is important evidence so ensure you inspect the car and confirm the report. Also inspect the arriving vehicle for any damage that might have occurred during transit. A good idea is to take pre- and post-shipment photos in case you need to support a damage claim.