Request the Dealership to bring the Car to YouAn average of about 4.3 hours is usually spent in dealerships when buying a car. This is usually in part due to the numerous paperwork that has to be done.

Request the Dealership to bring the Car to You

Once you have taken time to inspect the car and signed the contract for the purchase of the car, it is best you request for the car to be delivered to you at your home or office. This saves you time spending at the finance and insurance office, especially if it’s on a weekend where there are many buyers and long queues. You can then at your convenient time complete the contract terms at the point of delivery by the sales man.

The Important Requirements

If you decide to get the Car yourself at the Dealership, here are important things you should come with:

The Important RequirementsMeans of Payment: It is important to find out the form of payment accepted by the dealership by calling ahead. This could be a bank or credit union check for an approved loan, a cashier’s check, personal check or a credit card.

Your Driving License: This assures the dealer that you are legally registered to drive off his lot and also serves as a means of identification.

Car Title: This is usually a pink document that shows you legally own a car you intend to trade-in. If there is also another person required to sign, ensure you get the signature ahead of time to prevent problems at the dealership as well as at your state’s motor vehicle registry.

A copy of the Most Recent Vehicle registration for trade-in will also be required as well as the sticker on the license plate.

Proof of Insurance: You have to prove that the car is insured before driving away. You can get this done by calling ahead of time to set up a new insurance policy if you are certain of the car you are buying or do it from the dealership by sending the car details to your insurance company who messages the dealership back with your insurance details.

Trade-in loan account number: If there is an unpaid loan on the car you are trading its best to come with the account details. Also, you could notify the lender yourself and ask how the transaction can be facilitated.

Finally, it is important to check that all the documents are not expired, and personal belongings are removed from the car at home. You can also come with snacks so as not to starve just in case the delivery takes longer.