Instead of just agreeing to the deal offered out of excitement and buying a new car, please do take your time to ask these important questions.

What other Fees will I have to pay for?

In addition to the price of the new car, you will be required to pay extra fees like sales tax, registration as well as documentation fees. Also, some car dealers add back door payments for extra services while buying such as these but asking for clarification will prepare your mind and avoid paying unnecessary fees.

How much does it cost to document the Car?

Dealerships usually charge a documentation fee as part of contract for the new car deal. Each dealer also charge at will, finding out how much that cost may help you save cost and choose the best dealer to shop from.

Is the car fitted with aftermarket parts or alarms?

Most new cars are fitted with “add-ons” like spare parts, alarms, tinted windows, mud flaps etc. in order to boost profit. It is important to know about these accessories to aid the negotiation process.

What is the Mileage of the Car?

This is an important question to ask especially when shopping for cars online. If the car has travelled a longer distance than that expected or the odometer reading isn’t convincing, it gives you the opportunity to negotiate for a lower price.

Can the dealer deliver the car?

This is also particularly important for shoppers especially online shoppers. Sometimes adding the fact that you will love the car to be delivered to you as part of the deal helps and saves you the stress and time required to go and get the car yourself. A representative of the dealership will drive down the car and hand you a printed copy of the contract. This will also save you the stress of dealing with finance and insurance manager. If you require some extras, you can have a phone conversation to adjust your deal.

In addition to these questions, you can make a request to the dealer for a specific colour or other options. The dealer will be eager to meet your needs. However, it is best to deal in cars in the dealer’s lot.

Dealerships like AMG Auto Inc. provide great customer service, always eager to respond to clients enquiries.