You need quick cash? One way to get it is by selling your used car. This article would be highlighting the major steps that would enable you turn your used car into cash fast. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Study The Market – Check availability for your car

Study The Market – Check availability for your carThere’s a science to the practice of selling used cars. You should study the market and see what types of cars are trending. The rate of car sales decreases during winter as most people park their vehicles indoors so this might not be the most favorable season to sell a car. During hot weather, there’s a spike in car sales- we all cherish the cool moments riding inside air-conditioned vehicles.  Road conditions also determine as roads riddled with potholes require more sturdy vehicles like the Jeep, Toyota or Honda-CRV. Sale of luxury collector cars is usually slow and difficult to negotiate unless to the right buyer that knows the value. Check classified ads although while taking note of their condition, mileage, price and location.  If your car is a hot commodity at the moment, it would definitely be easy to sell.

Price, Advertise, Negotiate, Sell Your Car

Price, Advertise, Negotiate, Sell Your CarAfter surveying the on-line classified ads, use a car appraisal tool to determine the true value of your car. You can visit and make use of their appraisal tool. Allow room for possible negotiation in your asking price. Ask for slightly more money than you are actually willing to accept. Take care of your car, make it look clean and attractive before advertising for sale. Make sure your car is both mechanically and physically sound and free from dents and scrapes which may lower their selling power. Get a mechanic to assess the car and service it if required. Have your car history and maintenance records ready to show. Now, advertise your car. Use attractive ads that detail the price, Year, make, model Mileage, condition and trim level of the car. Advertise on online markets- Craigslist or, social media- Facebook, eBay, by word-of-mouth or simply put a “For Sale” sign on the car window. The fastest way is usually to contact a car dealership, some like autoamg buy used cars as well and you receive an offer almost immediately. Finally, when you get a buyer and the car passes the approval of the other party after a test-drive, negotiate for your best price, sell and get your cash. Good luck!